Columban Martyrs Memorial Garden

Columban Martyrs Memorial Garden

We joyfully offer you the opportunity to be a part of the Columban Martyrs Memorial Garden by memorializing or honoring a loved one or special person with the engraving of a paving brick. For a gift of $150, you can honor or memorialize someone and by doing so, become a part of this beautiful place that honors so much about our faith and calling.

The new and breathtaking Columban Martyrs Memorial Garden on the grounds of St. Columbans in Bellevue, Nebraska, memorializes the legacy of 24 Columban missionaries who gave their lives for our faith.They believed in something more than self and gave their lives in the same fashion.This special and quiet place of reflection honors their sacrifice.

The design of the Garden speaks to the fullness of resurrection and life everlasting. It also signifies the unity that you have shared with us in our common missionary calling throughout the years.

To place an order for your engraved brick, fill out the order form below or contact us here at St. Columbans at 402-291-1920.

For more information about our Memorial Garden and to hear the story of the Columban missionaries who gave so selflessly, please visit our website at

We are forever grateful for the part that you play in our shared missionary journey and we gratefully remember you in our masses and prayers.

** Brick dedications are limited to 2 lines with no more than 16 characters each (including spaces). **


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