Centennial Bottle Opener

Centennial Bottle Opener

Partner with Columban Missionaries to Share Gospel Joy

For 100 years, Columban missionaries and their partners in mission have made known the love of Jesus Christ. Please partner with us in bringing the Good News into today’s broken and divided world.

To celebrate our centennial, we are offering a special, keepsake bottle opener and magnet with any gift of $100.00 or more. We hope that you use and enjoy this gift, knowing that you have made a difference in the world. Another way to continue your legacy of giving is by becoming a monthly mission sponsor! Your monthly support gives hope to those most in need around the world.

Sustaining members provide dependable financial support on a monthly ongoing basis. As a mission sponsor, you will join other caring members who provide dependable financial support on a continuing monthly ongoing basis to help those most in need.

It is only with the support of friends like you that we have been able to share Gospel joy with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for making our mission work possible.


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