2022 Columban Mission Calendar Order

2022 Columban Mission Calendar Order

The 2022 Columban Mission Calendar features the Stations of the Resurrection using artwork from the Stations installation at the Columban Grotto at our U.S. Headquarters in St. Columbans, Neb.

The Stations of the Resurrection follow a forest path that leads away from the Grotto. The Grotto restoration began in 2019 with new landscaping, drainage and rock work, and it was concluded in May 2020 with the newly installed Stations of the Resurrection. The artwork is depicted on sign posts marking each station. The Stations of the Cross lead the contemplative visitor to the Grotto.

Thank you for your generous and sacrificial support of Columban mission throughout the year. We hope as you use this calendar throughout the year, you remember how much we value your partnership with us and how much good we are doing in the world together. As always, we pray for you and your loved ones daily and hope that our faith has been a light for you during the year.


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