This Christmas Give Hope

This Christmas Give Hope

The burdens of our lives can blind us to the Christmas message and the grace that has been gifted to us. And, this year posed an extraordinary burden on the entire world in the form of the coronavirus pandemic. Everywhere Columban missionaries serve your brothers and sisters in Christ saw profound hardships caused by the global pandemic. The people with whom we live and work were economically poor and relegated to the margins of society before the pandemic struck.

With your generous prayerful and financial support, Columban missionaries rose to the challenge presented by the pandemic and worked within their communities to keep them fed physically and spiritually.

Thank you for making our work possible throughout the year and especially now. Every prayer that we offer, every loving action in which we partake enables the light of Christ to burn more brightly in our lives and in the lives of those we serve.

Please consider supporting the Columban Missions today. Your gift can "Change the World" for our sisters and brothers who have nothing, and bring the love of Christ to their door this Christmas.


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